Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Book Review: A Touch of Mistletoe

Five succulent, short but long enough to enjoy stories that have really warmed my heart and perked my interest. 
Each story is written by a different author with completely distinct styles. Each story deals with same sex love with a Yule theme with the obvious mistletoe as a frame.
Four out of five stories are gay love stories, only one is a lesbian love story involving a female to male transexual. 
Although if I have a choice, I tend to prefer lesbian stories, I have to sincerely say that I loved all stories. I found none not to my liking. 
All stories have well written diverse plots, deftly woven with affection, suspense, intrigue and all laced with passion that gave the stories intensity enough to warm cold winter nights.

Well-done to all.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Scorpionic Delirium

Last night I meet my physical limits.
I danced with my own madness,
And the rawness of unexpected, unexpressed, 
explosive, visceral fear.

I walked blindly the valley of Scorpio
Where life and death passionately mingle.

I tasted cold pungent sweat,
And repeated uncontrolled violent retching,
Coming from life's abyssal dark core:
Anger, fear, abuse and transformation.

I succumbed to delirium,
My thoughts scattered,
Yet narrating intimate emotions,
Hardly aired in a lifetime.

My movements,
Violent, haphazard.
As if bitten by a tarantula,
In a scary hypnotic trance.

My teeth clenched,
As if trying  to hold on to something,
Quickly escaping away.

Whilst profound, continuous moans, 
Accompanied chattering teeth,
Sensing the liberating cold lucidity of death,
Just beyond that thin line, 
I was quickly approaching.

Quick shallow breath, 
kept the beat of a crescendo,
Dry tongue tasted acid,
Parched lips alternated foul language & devoted prayer.

I had an option to escape,
But dared to trespass and walk the path.

For this time, 
I managed to emerge sanely to the other side,

And live to tell the tale

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Blackstone Book Review

I will start by saying that I did not read the first book of the series called Nightshade (I received my copy to review the book) so I am not able to compare the two books and probably certain subtleties in the plot I did not completely grasp in all their depth and significance. However it is perfectly readable as a stand alone.

I was fascinated and intrigued by the intensity of the words used to narrate what was happening, especially the love making part. It was like sipping a rich, intense, full bouquet red wine, that at times one just needs to stop, close one's eyes and remember to breath.

I particularly cherished how magick was depicted, not as force conjured and harnessed from the outside but as a power growing from the very visceral insides of the characters, with a will and strength of its own. Yet each character possessed a different kind of magick, one sort of, for lack of better words, earth, animal like and the other more air, intellectual, the combination of which I found delightful.

An opulent bountiful magickal read! Enjoy!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Virgo New Moon 2014

(This piece of writing came to me whilst I was on the balcony watching the stars (and two shooting stars) and listening to this song after a sleepless night and an exhausting day decluttering my study and trying to make sense out of my life.
I suggest reading this writing following the rhythm of the drums, as you please, letting yourself be carried by the eternal beat of life in its daily earthly rituals that talk to our Soul. Enjoy!)

There is always a place I will somehow call home,
It is somewhere amongst those stars,
I keep on staring at nearly ever night.

And each time I trespass the door of that home,
something makes me feel safe.
Something reminds me,
soothes my frail nerves,
my aching heart,
doubting soul.

A Voice whispers...
that I am following a Thread,
a magical Web...

A tortuous River,
woven in many lifetimes,
in many epochs,
far and near...
And each time,
however extremely different the situation is.

I somehow,
finally return to that home,
to that call,
to that unmistakable Whisper.
That formulates its Sense,
in between the Silences,
emerging from primordial Chaos,
bubbling with Divine Order.

Be it under a tree in the city of Velia,
Under the Menhir guarding the Megalithic temples of the Goddess,
Near the well of a mediaeval cloister,
Amongst blossoming night white flowers on the ziggurat,
Or near the Nile watching the Orion rise,
celebrating the blessings of a new New Year.

I always come back to this call,
where my Logic fails,
my Ego surrenders,
as It remembers in its bones,
as a burning mark on the skin,
that pierces the Soul,
and robs away the sleep from the night.

Of a promise,
of a service.

Beyond Me,
Yet only through Me.

The eternal doubting Me.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Book Review: Journey to Civilization

I think the author of this book tried something very arduous and complex. He tried to narrate from the moment the Big Bang happened to when humans appeared on Earth. Now one can only fathom all the scientific study that it entails, the intelligence to comprehend it all, the bird-eye's view for synthesis and the capacity to divulge such complex matter in layman's language.
Well in my humble opinion I think he has done quite a good job about it. Mind you it is still a science book, it can become “boring” at times but it has zest in the prose that picks you up now and again to urge one's curiosity to read further.
One thing, I would recommend to read this book on a colour rendering electronic reader or computer. There are quite some stunning photos, obviously in colour, that if you read them on an ink rendering e-reader would just pass unnoticed. And more importantly, the colour in the photos, diagrams or graphs are needed to understand fully the accompanying text.
You will find that the book is full of hypertext. In fact more than 25% of the book is made up of Appendices to help smoothing the reading experience of the “more scientific stuff”.
So if all science books could be written in this way, then general science could be more digestible and easily accessible to many.
The book is also available as a paperback.
Well done!

Journey to Civilization The Science of How we got here
Published by Collins Foundation Press as paperback and e-book