Sunday, 24 April 2016

Book Review: The Goddess and The Shaman

As in the pure style of the Goddess world where all is interconnected and nothing is separate, this book came when I needed it most. It came just as I was painfully surrendering to what I perceived as a call from the Goddess and preparing to quit my corporate job.
I read this book in that magical period in between eclipses where time as we perceive it does not follow “normal” rules and the incursions from the Elphame (the name given by the author to the Other World) are stronger and more frequent…if we are paying attention.
So this book was a bit like a manual that had an uncanny way to unfold just as I was reading about it in the book.
It was reassuring, comforting and encouraging to read Kent’s telling of her life in discovering the Goddess and then the ability to cross over in the Elphame. So was her description of the “ontological shock” that is “the mind’s struggle to reconcile and to integrate two diametrically opposed models of reality”. I recognised many such episodes in my life…and I was currently passing through one.
It was a pleasure reading her description of the “Western Magical Tradition” and her referring to it as the “lost shaman tradition of the West”. It felt like it was a reclaiming of our roots and our own land and occult traditions without always needing to go to the other side of the world to obtain a platform on which to allow ourselves to work in and with.
What I feel it is the gift of this book to the modern reader and Seeker, is the author’s weaving in together and blending once again the Western Magical Tradition and The Great Goddess. I have always a hard time explaining to others how, since I was a child, I felt that everything was interconnected and alive. Nothing was really dead or inanimate for me, not even a stone or a computer. It was amazing to read it in a book because it felt it gave me the permission to finally fully acknowledge this innate knowledge and not perceive it as something strange or “heretical” or “insane”.
And as Kent describes in this book, coming into personal contact with the Goddess changes radically one’s life. There is a shifting of values and life purpose and the alignment of the personal will with the Divine will, which is lived in the inner sanctity of oneself without trying to convince any one of anything. That all life’s events have a spiritual purpose, a sentient being  “aware and embodied small part of a greater spiritual Truth.”
I also feel that this book has contributed a very important understanding of “mental health” which I have always felt it was “truer” to me than the concept exposed by conventional medicine. That is looking at what “caused the shattering of the self in the first place” not just popping a pill in the patient’s mouth and that is the end of the story.
Kent brings case studies to support this theory. Case studies I loved reading, not only for the clinical details and sometimes “rawness” of the episodes but because of what emerged from her case studies. According to Kent, “psychotic", “schizophrenic” or commonly known as “mad” persons, who are condemned to live on pills that take their identity away, are actually people who have a heightened sense of the Other World and periodic incursions of the Elphame in their world and do not know how to deal with it. 
In other cases the malady has its origins in the “Other World”  and pieces of the soul has been lost. Through the tools of “magical psychology” Kent was able to help these persons to, not only start living a “normal” life, but also live more happily.
I am particularly grateful for the opportunity to have been given a free copy to review. It is a book I will cherish and re-read with earnest.

A book I highly recommend to those who are on the Goddess path, healing practitioners or simply those who are just curious to hear a different bell about the reality we think we live in.

Published in March 2016 by Llewellyn 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Fool and an Ayurvedic Massage

It all started with the image of the Tarot card, The Fool and the following words:

“Dance Mage.
Dance on the strings of Fate that the Universe is weaving for you.
Cause the strings are Fated yes, 
but it is up to you for the pattern to create.
Dance Mage”

I was the Fool. I was on the precipice of an enormously huge cliff. In front there was another equally huge cliff. 
I looked down. All I could see was an unpenetrable darkness. No end.
There was wind rising.
I had been many times in these last few weeks on this precipice. Terrified of leaving all behind me. Of acting literally like a Fool to society’s eyes…
But this time something had change, as I looked down a thought came through my mind…
“Perhaps it is down you should go and not remain on this plane or fly”.
So I took the step in the void of thin air…
A small white parachute opened softly lulling me in the winds of change, suspending me for a moment or two where I could see the  horizontal plane and the spot from where I had just walked to oblivion.
I softly started my descend…whilst repeating the phrase, perhaps it is down where I should go…
The light of the Sun grew dimmer and dimmer as the walls of the two cliffs started closing on me.
I had no idea where I am going…and yet I felt, perhaps free of the known world and its shackles.
Darker and darker it became. I couldn’t even see my feet. I could feel the warmth radiating from the cliffs that I could feel were slowly burying me in the sweetness of Mother Earth. A burial?
I stopped looking upwards…no need to. My known world has vanished, for never to be.
I looked downwards towards my feet.
At first I thought my eyes were playing on me but as I descended further I could glimpse shimmering globes of light. 
I started again discriminating the rocks reflecting the yellowish light coming from what seemed a valley.
I could discern other features too, as if, sort of, a long market, lining the narrow valley.
I could see green lights and people walking around. Some looked up…waving.
I landed softly on the field near this market, gladly touching solid ground. People came to greet me with huge big smiles. As if they were waiting for me.
The people were smaller in height than I. Strange beings that felt like elves.
They guided me to the market, which was made of a long series of stalls, some built in the caves, some built with beautiful wooden structures with plants climbing around them.
In wonder I paused at every stall, to observe what was inside.
The first stall was full of astronomical tools. The shopkeeper turned bemused towards me, picked a small golden telescope and gave it to me.
“Mage, this is for you to look at the stars whenever you want and feel the need to”.
Placed the shining telescope in my hands, smiled and bowed.
I turned round and the shopkeeper on the other side of the stall, that sold books, came towards me and gifted me with a small leather book. It had blank yellowish pages.
“Mage, this is for you so you can write what you observe, so you may learn to weave your own remedies and the music of the Spheres”.
He bowed and smiled.
I moved forward to the next stall full of crystals. A woman came to greet me. In her hand she held a  necklace with a dark oval crystal dangling from it.
“Mage, this is an Amethyst cut just for you, for protection and healing. Keep it always on you.”
I bowed and she clasped the necklace round my neck. For a second I saw the Amethyst flicker as if to say hello.
I turned round and there was another women with a freshly baked loaf of bread in her hands.
“This is for you Mage. It is an eternal bread so that you may never feel hungry” .Tears of gratitude welled my eyes. She smiled, caressed my hands and bowed.
Next came a man that was filling some small bottles with strange florescent liquids. He put the corks on and he placed some in my hands. Clasping both my hands, he whispered:
“Mage, these are your first aid kit, for you and others. Use them wisely”.
He smiled and bowed.
Turning round I saw a woman coming towards me with a leather flask. She had just filled it from the spring water that was coming down from the rocks.
“This is for you Mage, so that you may never feel thirsty. Remember water is the first healing remedy”
Another woman approached me with a dark leather satchel. 
“This is for you Mage to carry. Pay attention what you place inside for there it will remain. With time you will learn how to manifest things from inside.”
A man and a woman approached me with a beautifully woven mantel. On the rim of the dark blue cloth were woven golden symbols and flickered as if alive.
Both clasped the mantel on my shoulder. The woman breathed:
“This is for you Mage. It is an Invisible Mantel so you may always be warm and safe”.
Then a man handed me a red wooden long staff with a pointed white translucent crystal at the top.
“This is for you Mage, so you may always feel supported and thread safely through your journey”.
The crowd then slowly parted and I saw a tall wise elderly man waiting for me with a smiling face.
“Welcome Mage. I was waiting for you. Your journey has just become”.
With that Great Horned Owl and Lynx appeared on either of my sides and I started walking with the Elder towards a precarious-looking bridge that hanged on another precipice. 
The mist was rising from the precipice and between haziness I could vaguely make out a castle rising on mountains covered with thick forests.

This journey I experienced whilst I was having an Ayurvedic massage at 13:30 CEDT, the exact time of the New Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus, just off by two degrees from my natal Chiron that opposes my natal Uranus and squares my Venus and South Node.

My massage therapist is Roberta Felici.

Let the Hero’s Journey begin….on the flight to Milan tomorrow morning.

Anyone knows which deck is this please?

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Ostara - Spring Equinox 2016

The Sun has just entered Aries. My cat, Puzzy, my Soul guardian, in his infinite wisdom decided to remind me this morning, at exactly 05:30 CET, when the Sun was at zero degrees Aries.
I woke up to a whole orchestra of birds chirping and stars dancing to the early dawn. They felt as if they were saying,

“Come on Ostara has come. 
She is back. 
A new turn has started. 
You can leave your Winter retreat. 
It is time to act.
Find your child, take her by the hand,
into the fields full of infant grass.
Wet her feet with the Spring dew.
Dance to the Birds,
and the Stars in the Sky.
Touch the newborns of Mother Earth,
feel the Goddess in their heartbeat,
look into their eyes,
and go beyond.
There is the Web of Life.
Grandmother Spider is weaving in and out.
All is connected.
for you are part of Creation,
And Mother Earth is taking care of you.
You are never alone.
Laugh my child because you are loved”

Blessed Ostara to you and yours!

Blessed be!

Ostara by Helena Nelson-Reed.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Dancing Stars, Orphism and the Ides of March

I woke up this morning from a very beautiful dream for lack of better words. 
I was emerging from a very long underground walk in what appears to be old Temples with annexed a shopping centre. I was with my partner, my Pagan Temple Guardian brother and my biological sister. We were trying to find our car that was situated on the level on top of us. So I guided them through a myriad of huge stones and hollow dark cavities. 
We emerged on the other side of the parking lot. Between us and the parking space there was a huge circular opening. It was night time and lights were shining on the other side where the parked cars were.
I exclaimed (with a certain satisfaction),“You see we are out of the underworld, I guided you to the car.” 
I started walking across this huge circular opening. As I placed my foot on it I sensed it was slippery. Instead of finding it scary or difficult, as my travelling companions seemed to feel, I found it amusing. 
Instead of walking, I started intentionally skidding until I mastered the art of skating on what seemed a wooden parquet. I was joyous, buoyant and felt whole. Whole with all that was surrounding me.
I called my friends, “Come on! It’s fun”…and as I said so I started swirling round with great mastery just like the Sufi Whirling Dervish.
At that moment I looked up to sky and I could see all the stars moving and dancing, swirling around in an eternal motion.
I picked up on that motion and synchronised myself to it. I was dancing with the stars while my feet caressed Mother Earth. All of sudden an energy beamed from the soils of my feet up to the stars.
I felt alive, really alive and really awake. In that precise moment I felt in harmony with all the Cosmos and found my place in the quantum mechanics of it all. I was in pure ecstasy.
I was so alive that I swirled my head so much that I woke myself from the dream….I was smiling…
And in that moment I remembered a phrase from a Netflix series I watched yesterday for the first time called Da Vinci’s Demons, which struck me as very familiar:

“I am son of Earth and of starry Sky. I am thirsty please give me to drink from the fountain of memory”

After writing the dream, I googled the phrase and I find that is attributed to Orphism, linked to Orpheus and the cult of Persephone and Dionysus…both very present in the symbolism of the dream….

It is also interesting that this dream came on the Ides of March when celebrations to the Goddess Cybele, known as the Great Mother, where commemorated in Imperial Roman era. Goddess Cybele according to wikipedia was originally known as the Anatolian Mother Goddess, the same place where the Sufi Whirling Dervish originate from.

I am wondering what’s next…

"A Fallen Star" by Gilbert Vancell

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A 100m race, Rennes-le-Château and a Ziggurat

The dream started by me fetching the car and driving up to the northern part of Italy, the Alps area, near Bolzano. I arrive to a huge athletic stadium that was situated in one of the valleys. I knew I had a 100m race trial to do that day.
As I approached the stadium, I notice that on the right hand side, high up on the mountains was the castle of Rennes-le-Château.
Oh, I murmured to myself I am in France then. I was so happy that I was near this place. So I made time to climb up slowly to the castle whilst taking photos as the day turned into night and back to day again in a very short time.
As I was there I was thinking how the heck I was going to drive down to Rome and back again the next morning for the next trails. I was discussing it with some other athletes which were all very much younger than myself. My trails, the next day were at around 8am. No way I was going to make it without risking to fail the trails.
In that precise moment Puzzy woke me up…fed him as quickly as I could and went back in bed asking the Universe if it was possible to continue the dream…And so it happened (a first I have to say).
I was back at Rennes-le-Château taking photos and basking in the calming Goddess energy I was feeling there. All of a sudden I remembered that a Maltese friend of mine had told me about a place where she stayed. I found the place and booked at room.
It was late so I went to the restaurant to eat something. Whilst I was eating in a sort of veranda, a person eating at one of the tables situated on my left hand side, died serenely whilst finishing supper. I heard people exclaiming: “What a great way to die, at peace whilst you are eating.” I saw them taking the body away.
I finished my dinner and went up to my room. The stairs that lead to my room where on my right hand side. They were carved in yellow stones, going round this square building that now seemed more like a ziggurat. 
As I went higher up the stones became narrower and narrower and night has shrouded all the valley. All I could see was darkness. I knew that if I fell that was no way I was going to remain alive.
As I turn round the last corner to the right, the stairs open to a huge roof and in front of me was in all its glory the spiral of the Milky way. I could see all the galaxies moving slowing around each other in an eternal never ending spiral. 
I stood there in awe. I felt at home and at peace.
I turned on my right and went in my room, in this huge yellow stone building. Whilst I was looking out from the window, a woman came in to take my clothes.
She said, “I take your clothes now so that they can be washed so you have clean clothes for tomorrow’s trail. But I won’t use your soap. Your soap tends to absorb the clothes colours”. She showed me my light indigo soap that has been become 1/3 blue. With that she went away and Puzzy woke me up again.
I have meditated on this dream for a whole day.
I was in Rennes-le-Château back in late April 2014. I was there when the Taurus Solar eclipse happened. So many things happened and started whilst I was there. I know I cried a lot. I felt the Earth calling, calling me back to my real values and passions.
During that Taurus Solar eclipse my partner and I both charged two Tree of Life pendants. I had been carrying mine for a long time. She had just found one at Rennes-le-Château.
I stayed in Couiza and I all could feel was that primal nurturing energy that eventually reminded me so much of Malta. Only later would I understand that it was then that the Goddess started calling.
I saw young people that had left the corporate world to go for their passion, to act as stewards of the Earth they lived on, to revive old traditions and skills.
I was already suffering from digestive problems and there it was the last time I ate meat or fish and became vegetarian.
There it was when I physically met my astrology mentor and we started working together not only with astrology but also with homeopathy.
Much later I would get to know that whilst I was visiting there, there were other two Maltese visiting the area. One of them is the one I mention in the dream and that actually was staying there in Rennes-le-Château at that time. And both are on the Goddess path…
As regards the 100m trails… I started doing sports at the age of 12 against my family’s orders. It was the only thing I did that visibly went against my family’s values. I was a woman and according to my family and culture at that time I shouldn’t be going around doing races. I had bowed my head to many things whilst I was living with my family…just for peace keeping and because my physical survival depended on them…but sports was the only thing I rebelled again. 
I remember very well that for all the races I did there was never any one of my family. I always ran alone.
As regards the Ziggurat…well that is something I fondly carrying in my heart, memories from a very distant past, perhaps a past life. The Sabian symbol for my Ascendent degree is “Moonlit fields, once Babylon, are blooming white”. The first time I heard this phrase a vision came to my heart and I wrote about it here.

I always remain in awe how without knowing but only listening to the heart, that tuning fork always finds its way back home.

My meditation spot in Couiza just on banks of the river L'Aude

Symbol photographed in Rennes-le-Chateau