Monday, 25 August 2014

Virgo New Moon 2014

(This piece of writing came to me whilst I was on the balcony watching the stars (and two shooting stars) and listening to this song after a sleepless night and an exhausting day decluttering my study and trying to make sense out of my life.
I suggest reading this writing following the rhythm of the drums, as you please, letting yourself be carried by the eternal beat of life in its daily earthly rituals that talk to our Soul. Enjoy!)

There is always a place I will somehow call home,
It is somewhere amongst those stars,
I keep on staring at nearly ever night.

And each time I trespass the door of that home,
something makes me feel safe.
Something reminds me,
soothes my frail nerves,
my aching heart,
doubting soul.

A Voice whispers...
that I am following a Thread,
a magical Web...

A tortuous River,
woven in many lifetimes,
in many epochs,
far and near...
And each time,
however extremely different the situation is.

I somehow,
finally return to that home,
to that call,
to that unmistakable Whisper.
That formulates its Sense,
in between the Silences,
emerging from primordial Chaos,
bubbling with Divine Order.

Be it under a tree in the city of Velia,
Under the Menhir guarding the Megalithic temples of the Goddess,
Near the well of a mediaeval cloister,
Amongst blossoming night white flowers on the ziggurat,
Or near the Nile watching the Orion rise,
celebrating the blessings of a new New Year.

I always come back to this call,
where my Logic fails,
my Ego surrenders,
as It remembers in its bones,
as a burning mark on the skin,
that pierces the Soul,
and robs away the sleep from the night.

Of a promise,
of a service.

Beyond Me,
Yet only through Me.

The eternal doubting Me.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Book Review: Journey to Civilization

I think the author of this book tried something very arduous and complex. He tried to narrate from the moment the Big Bang happened to when humans appeared on Earth. Now one can only fathom all the scientific study that it entails, the intelligence to comprehend it all, the bird-eye's view for synthesis and the capacity to divulge such complex matter in layman's language.
Well in my humble opinion I think he has done quite a good job about it. Mind you it is still a science book, it can become “boring” at times but it has zest in the prose that picks you up now and again to urge one's curiosity to read further.
One thing, I would recommend to read this book on a colour rendering electronic reader or computer. There are quite some stunning photos, obviously in colour, that if you read them on an ink rendering e-reader would just pass unnoticed. And more importantly, the colour in the photos, diagrams or graphs are needed to understand fully the accompanying text.
You will find that the book is full of hypertext. In fact more than 25% of the book is made up of Appendices to help smoothing the reading experience of the “more scientific stuff”.
So if all science books could be written in this way, then general science could be more digestible and easily accessible to many.
The book is also available as a paperback.
Well done!

Journey to Civilization The Science of How we got here
Published by Collins Foundation Press as paperback and e-book 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Book Review: Intuition and Your Sun Sign

I presume a lot of research, dedication and intuition has been used to write this book. It has quite a unique take on astrology which at times I could follow.
The author calls the planets, meridians, energy channels similar in concept to the Chinese meridians in acupuncture. For each Sun sign, all the planets, the seven traditional and the three modern ones are investigated and accordingly modulated to the primitive energy of Sun sign.
Now the idea is a very original one but I could not follow it through. I am not an expert in Astrology but neither I am a complete newbie. At times I could follow the reasoning of the meridian similar to the interpretation of the planet in a particular sign but it only worked now and then.
I took quite a long time to finish this book. I tried to understand the logic several times and I read the book out of stubborn, dutiful curiosity and gratitude for the free review copy.
Maybe one day I shall reread it and have that ah-ah moment but for now this book left me completely baffled.

Intuition and your Sun Sign: Practical Methods to Unlock your Potential

Friday, 8 August 2014

Out of This World Book Review

An enjoyable read with a lot of hot sex scenes in every single chapter and sometimes even more than once. So yes it is that type of fantasy that it will make you feel sizzling under your skin and in other parts of the body.
At first I thought that the book was just written for the tossing around in bed and other surfaces but then some kind of plot emerged.
I felt Iris was better described as a character than Anandra but then maybe that was actually what the author wanted to show through the book.
I found the plot could have been developed a bit more, given more twists and turns, toss it up with a pinch of unexpectedness.

On the whole it was a pleasant lesbian sexy summer read.

Published on August 1st 2014 by Bold Strokes Books 

Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Seven Mages, the Crow and the Owl

I closed my eyes and when I reopened them I was on a beautiful, long sandy beach. In front of me lay a blue, flat sea flickering back the twilight that was unfolding. On the horizon, lining the sea was a pale white strip of sky.
Just above where the sky was darker was a huge crescent Moon, with its dark side clearly visible. The beach on my left stretched as far as my eyes could see. Lining the sand was a forest made up of long pointed green trees. On my right, the beach turned to form a piece of enclosure that rose to cliffs covered by medium sized trees and shrubs. Just over the cliffs, the first stars where showing.
With my back towards the sea I could see an enormous forest sprawling gently, upwards, towards the faraway mountains with pink snowy tops, abruptly giving way to a darkening sky.
I was besides a well-lit bonfire, crackling in all its glory, casting dancing shadows on the glinting sand under my feet. I wore open sandals, a loosely fitted gown and a long mantel with an embroidered hood. In my left hand I held a long plain wooden staff, slightly taller than me and with my right hand I was scribbling astrological data. On my right fourth finger, I wore a ring with the seven symbols of the traditional planets and I knew that the ring was made with the seven elements associated with those seven planets. Now and again it flashed back the fire light, creating the illusion of thunder flashing on the hand-bound book.
Around my neck I had a medium sized pentagram with the symbols of the five elements that felt alive on my skin.
I closed the book, held the staff with both hands and standing up I looked at the peaceful sea and clear sky becoming darker and darker. I could now see the constellations emerging as a tapestry woven by hidden forces.
And all I could ask in all that stillness was “Why?, Why? Why?”
At that moment I became aware that the crickets where humming and the owls where calling from the trees nearby. I could hear steps coming from behind me and a strong soft voice greeted me:
Hello Apprentice!”
Hello Master!”
Why Master? Why always starting from the beginning?”
You are never starting from the beginning. Every time you are exploring something different. Remember Apprentice, you vowed long time ago to be the Guardian of Ancient Traditions.”
Yes Master I remember. But each time it is painful.”
Apprentice, remember, we are all humble servants of the Divine Will. We are all part of the Divine Goddess”
All of a sudden I was surrounded by six other persons all wearing dark, embroidered mantels with hoods. I couldn't see their faces but I knew they were here to help me, they were all Masters, all Mages. All of them seven then made a circle around me and around the roaring fire.
Master I am afraid”
With your doings, Apprentice, with your many lives, you are weaving a web for the Divine Consciousness, like those constellations in the sky.
Listen to the thread vibrating, tune in to the music of the spheres.
Thrust the process Apprentice,
Thrust the process.”
All of a sudden a crow cawed and came landing in the circle just as the Mages slightly parted to leave a space for the Crow to land, looking at me from the other side of the fire.
The Crow pierced my heart with his dark eyes:
Are you ready to answer the call Apprentice?
To leave the known for the unknown?
Are you ready to burn,
so to weave the thread,
of the cosmic web
and find yourself?”
I heard the Owl calling and her wings flapping, gently landing on my left shoulder.
Are you ready to answer the call Apprentice?
To leave the known for the unknown?
Are you ready to burn,
so to weave the thread,
of the cosmic web
and find yourself?”
I felt the Owl's comforting weight on my shoulder,
her feathers fluttering softly as the breeze from the sea started catching up.
Are you ready to answer the call Apprentice?
To leave the known for the unknown?
Are you ready to burn,
so to weave the thread,
of the Cosmic Web,
and find yourself?”
With that final call, the Crow cawed three times and left, as so did the seven Mages, but the Owl faithfully remained as I lowered the staff on the ground, knelt and bowed my head on the still warm sand.