Thursday, 4 February 2016

Imbolc 2016: swans, cicadas, clouds and cards.

This time of the year is always significantly important to me. 
Imbolc has always represented that moment in time when something old crumbles, disintegrates and the vision of something new slowly emerges.

I am either sick at this time of the year or feeling completely exhausted, as if all that needs to be purged decides to do it now. It is also a time when I usually feel “a call” echoing insistingly. All I would like to do and need to do is go on a retreat into myself.

And it does make sense astrologically speaking. The Sun at this time of the year is transiting my 12th house. 

For me the 12th house represents the alchemical pot of the zodiac wheel where all melts and simmers in the cauldron of those subtle energies that are intimately and profoundly connected with all that is.

There is chaos, the complete destruction of all forms. All bearings dissolve in a whole big cloud.

Imbolc is traditionally celebrated on the 2nd February but astrologically speaking, the 15th degree of Aquarius, usually happens a couple of days afterwards.
Imbolc is also the time when the esoteric apprentice vows to study the path for “a year and a day”.

On the 2nd February I could not celebrate, I had my new area manager with me. Contrasts definitely work to refine the search for resonance. All I could do is “listen” to where the call was coming from and where my “alliances” are. 

I am always so pleasantly amazed and warmly reassured how astrological timings come to be even when I am not really taking notice or simply life takes hold of me and I can’t do otherwise.

Thankfully there is something in me that knows that,“that something”, should happen at that precise moment.

A few days ago, I was approached by person that works in the healing arts. We spent three hours talking about a project he had in mind and he was inviting me on board. On that day Jupiter  was conjunct the North Node of the Moon in Virgo. Later as  I walked near sea thinking about this offer, a swan appears out of nowhere. 

Jupiter likes showing himself…

On the eve of Imbolc I phoned that person to say "yes I like the idea, let’s see how we can work it out".

I was saying yes to a new path. 

Just as I close the phone call, a cicada starts chirping. Yes a cicada, on the sand, near the sea, in winter, in pitch cold dark. 

I could hear the voice of my mentor saying “you will be journeying soon…” 

Imbolc is also a good time for divination…

And so it happened that exactly as the Sun passed over the 15th degree 15 seconds of Aquarius, the Universe conspired for an improvised tarot reading from my spiritual brother…. And lo and behold the Wheel of Fortune card comes out, with the Aquarius symbol on it. The Wheel of Fortune is astrologically linked to Jupiter.

Some years “the call” is stronger than other years. Sometimes, like this year, “the call” is definitely “a call for the arms”, a complete makeover of my life. They are those years that one later remembers "as when everything changed".

They are those years when all perfectly aligns to say yes to a wonderful new journey of self-discovery even if the details are still shrouded in the mists of the bubbling cauldron.

Now it is time I sit and rest near the cauldron and start taking notes before I jump off the cliff.

As above so below, as within so without…

Blessed Imbolc to you and yours.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Waiting for Mercury

I have been trying to write down my thoughts in all these days but have not succeeded. With all the thoughts I have I could write many posts from here to the Moon and back. 
My mind can go at the speed of lightening but for years now Neptune has shrouded my synapsis in a permanent lake fog.

But life has been happening fast. Keeps happening fast.
Chaotically fast. 
Mesmerising fast.

Sometimes I am blessed if I succeed to breath deeply and slowly.

Sometimes I feel I am riding the flow and synchronicity just blossom like fungi in the forest after the rain.
Sometimes I derail and I feel tossed by my own fears, smashed hard against core believes that stand solidly in time and generations.
Sometimes I cry for the pure bliss of feeling loved and cared by from the Universe.
Sometimes I cry for sheer exhaustion of facing continually my own insecurities and fears like a broken bulgur siren in the middle of the night that no one switches off.

Since Mercury entered its shadow I have been playing the wait and see game. I am doing a live astrological experiment.
And the experiment is my life.

It is incredible how many things have happened in such a condensed period of time. How many people I have encountered, just out of the blues, that could help shift my future and my life especially whilst I was in Malta.
A barrage of information keeps coming my way. Some of it makes me worry much more than I usually do and some of it gives me hope.

I am still meeting people here in Italy.
Some believe in me more than I do. They can see my awesome future where I can see only pitch dark. They can see that unique me that can contribute something to the society.
Whilst others like to play hyper realistic and I tend to resonate with them.
Then there are others that like to play the very pessimistic stance…that is I like to pull you down because I can’t pull myself up.

In all this I have succeeded for now to keep my horses still although they have muscle spasms for all the need they have to move.

I am waiting….

Tomorrow Mercury goes direct just as I have three full important “corporate” days. 
I get to finally meet new people that have entered the game. And old ones that have been forced to change roles, like it or not.
I will still play the wait and see game especially since power dynamics have changed and by nature I am curious how these powers will come at play.
Many will be hidden.
My role is to observe and avoid being stabbed.

A year ago, during same “corporate” days, I vomited the hell out of me and it dawned upon me that I do not belong anymore to where I still am.

So many things have happened since last year.

However the story isn’t finished yet.

Mercury will get out of its shadow on the 14th February.
Probably then I will know the story I will need to know. 

And probably then time for decisions will come but that’s another story I owe to Uranus.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Disseminating Moon, The Yellow Stone and a Tuning Fork

It is 03:44 local time as I am writing. The Disseminating Moon, my natal Moon phase, has just entered Virgo and crossed over my descendent. It will soon meet my natal Sun.
Till now this Moon cycle has been a very powerful one…and I was awaiting what will happen in the disseminating phase that began yesterday.

I have been awake for more than an hour. I shall blame it on a delicious Nutty cake that has raw cocoa in it and that I ate a small piece for lunch. That is the reason my mind wants to stick with.
The reason my heart wants to stick with is another…

In the living room there is a purple box, a gift I was given yesterday. In that box there is something I never thought I would have. A small piece of yellow stone from a sacred site in Malta.

That yellow stone, that I usually dream in my dreams, has just whispered me out of my sleep. And I had to open the box and take it out.
I know those voices, they are the Spirits of my native land. They are those same voices that 30 years ago would make me wake up in the middle of the night, go on the roof and watch stars.

They are the Temple Builders People that part of their DNA is in my blood. They are my Ancestors, my invisible friends.
They are the Ancient Wisdom to whom I vowed to be a Guardian and a Keeper in this lifetime and many others.
They are the creators of my dreams…

Yes, my friends are right, the Temples are calling all their children from all over the world to come and listen.
I know that Voice. 

It vibrates in my very core, in my bones, and in many lifetimes.
It is as intimate as the dance of primordial space in my body.
It makes me hum like a Tuning Fork that even from afar recognises its own frequency.

And all I can do is listen and hum….listen and hum….listen and hum…

To a lullaby that out of chaos creates life.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Ruminations on my 2015 Yule's Wreath

I have succeeded in conceding myself a few minutes to sit down with the Yule wreath lit with, for now, 4 candles: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Tomorrow I will light the 5th one… Spirit. The rest of the chaos of packing can wait a bit more…
Usually the Yule wreath was just that, there was no extra “altar” vibe connected to it. Although the altar thing has slowly taken form in another place in my house.
But the Yule wreath had always a place, another different place, in the living room. And it was just that…
However this year, all the place has been cleared around it…and I was looking at all the things that slowly in these last four weeks, have come to form… the altar that it has now become.
The altar reflects uniquely me. 
There is a flower composition, a gift from a client of mine, that knows I am a pagan (she is a fervent Catholic and same year of birth as mine and we both light the candles in this period of the year).
There are cards from my Australian cousins and the card from the firm I work for.
There are my new business cards, for my new me, sealed with fresh herbs ready for the ritual I will be making tomorrow as the Moon in Taurus conjuncts my Natal Moon in Taurus…on Yule’s day.
There is an old olive Pestle and Mortar coming from Calabria, which tomorrow will be holding the herbs for the ritual. Just now is only holding salt and sage for purification.
There are the dried herbs that I will be using tomorrow.
There are four apples at the four corners of the Yule wreath.
There is a small broom which I will use for rituals and Chinese coins for prosperity.
And dear to my heart, this year there is not only the Owl but also a cat plastic figure which I had for ages. I had no Lynx symbol but for now that cat symbolises a Lynx.

Funnily enough quite a few of those things have conglomerated suddenly in these last 48 hours as if the Universe was giving it a final polish before the great event.
I look at the Yule wreath and wonder how many obstacles I have surmounted. How many surprises and epiphanies I had during the journey.
I am a completely different person, yet again, from Yule of last year.
I have, perhaps, succeeded in not throwing the baby out with the bath water, under a still ongoing Uranus opposing Natal Uranus.
I have come to know, perhaps, what Neptune near my mid-heaven means in my life. Transiting Neptune to my Sun and Mars has completely sucked my energy out. 
However on the plus side, my meditation practices have intensified to levels I thought I would never reach in this lifetime. It has reminded me of who I am and where I am coming from…pity sometimes there is not much energy left to actuate what Saturn, the Teacher and Task Master wants daily out of me.
And I thank Saturn for bringing, perhaps, a structure to it all….even if that structure might be attainable only in a few years time and in another country.
Pluto did not want to be left out...just now He is squaring my Uranus and my Chiron...that change and transformation to integrate the healing arts in my life has a price tag stamped on it.
I look at the Yule wreath, and I sense my purpose in this world, I sense the calling…and the possibility to make real the vision…something I had lost more than 24 years ago.

With gratitude to all of you that in one way or another have added and still are adding a part of a big jigsaw that is my life.

Blessed Yule’s Eve to You all!

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Book Review: Slaying Dragons

I absolutely loved it. I wished it was longer...I wished I could delve more in the characters. There was such a contrast between the two major female characters that some more background would just have added more depth to it all.
The story was well structured. Reminded me of Harry Potter, that is magic as an everyday happening with an infrastructure to it. This time not a school but sort of a military force. 
Liked the idea of combining mages and warriors, the ethereal with the brute forces. And obviously the romance, which was quite credible and sexy.
Honestly I couldn't get enough.
Can we have a sequel please of where the story finished? There can be many! Or a prequel?