Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Seven Mages, the Crow and the Owl

I closed my eyes and when I reopened them I was on a beautiful, long sandy beach. In front of me lay a blue, flat sea flickering back the twilight that was unfolding. On the horizon, lining the sea was a pale white strip of sky.
Just above where the sky was darker was a huge crescent Moon, with its dark side clearly visible. The beach on my left stretched as far as my eyes could see. Lining the sand was a forest made up of long pointed green trees. On my right, the beach turned to form a piece of enclosure that rose to cliffs covered by medium sized trees and shrubs. Just over the cliffs, the first stars where showing.
With my back towards the sea I could see an enormous forest sprawling gently, upwards, towards the faraway mountains with pink snowy tops, abruptly giving way to a darkening sky.
I was besides a well-lit bonfire, crackling in all its glory, casting dancing shadows on the glinting sand under my feet. I wore open sandals, a loosely fitted gown and a long mantel with an embroidered hood. In my left hand I held a long plain wooden staff, slightly taller than me and with my right hand I was scribbling astrological data. On my right fourth finger, I wore a ring with the seven symbols of the traditional planets and I knew that the ring was made with the seven elements associated with those seven planets. Now and again it flashed back the fire light, creating the illusion of thunder flashing on the hand-bound book.
Around my neck I had a medium sized pentagram with the symbols of the five elements that felt alive on my skin.
I closed the book, held the staff with both hands and standing up I looked at the peaceful sea and clear sky becoming darker and darker. I could now see the constellations emerging as a tapestry woven by hidden forces.
And all I could ask in all that stillness was “Why?, Why? Why?”
At that moment I became aware that the crickets where humming and the owls where calling from the trees nearby. I could hear steps coming from behind me and a strong soft voice greeted me:
Hello Apprentice!”
Hello Master!”
Why Master? Why always starting from the beginning?”
You are never starting from the beginning. Every time you are exploring something different. Remember Apprentice, you vowed long time ago to be the Guardian of Ancient Traditions.”
Yes Master I remember. But each time it is painful.”
Apprentice, remember, we are all humble servants of the Divine Will. We are all part of the Divine Goddess”
All of a sudden I was surrounded by six other persons all wearing dark, embroidered mantels with hoods. I couldn't see their faces but I knew they were here to help me, they were all Masters, all Mages. All of them seven then made a circle around me and around the roaring fire.
Master I am afraid”
With your doings, Apprentice, with your many lives, you are weaving a web for the Divine Consciousness, like those constellations in the sky.
Listen to the thread vibrating, tune in to the music of the spheres.
Thrust the process Apprentice,
Thrust the process.”
All of a sudden a crow cawed and came landing in the circle just as the Mages slightly parted to leave a space for the Crow to land, looking at me from the other side of the fire.
The Crow pierced my heart with his dark eyes:
Are you ready to answer the call Apprentice?
To leave the known for the unknown?
Are you ready to burn,
so to weave the thread,
of the cosmic web
and find yourself?”
I heard the Owl calling and her wings flapping, gently landing on my left shoulder.
Are you ready to answer the call Apprentice?
To leave the known for the unknown?
Are you ready to burn,
so to weave the thread,
of the cosmic web
and find yourself?”
I felt the Owl's comforting weight on my shoulder,
her feathers fluttering softly as the breeze from the sea started catching up.
Are you ready to answer the call Apprentice?
To leave the known for the unknown?
Are you ready to burn,
so to weave the thread,
of the Cosmic Web,
and find yourself?”
With that final call, the Crow cawed three times and left, as so did the seven Mages, but the Owl faithfully remained as I lowered the staff on the ground, knelt and bowed my head on the still warm sand.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

What is Astrology to me?

The following is something I wrote, some days ago, as the last exercise of module 3 of the Faculty of Astrology course study. I was asked to write what I think astrology means to me. I am posting it now for the New Moon in Gemini in my 4th house and very near my IC, as a new intentional seed I am lavishing in space and time. Blessed be!

I have been asked many a times why I am studying Astrology and how does it work. Whilst I do somehow know why I am using all my free time to study Astrology, I still find it hard to answer to the question “how does it work”.
In a way it is that same tricky question when my clients ask me “how does homeopathy work?”. It is that strange situation when one has used many a times homeopathy and has just as many a times delivered optimal results but there is no crystal clear cut, scientific answer that satisfies our modern urge and need of how we rationally interpret cause and effect.
Yes I can answer my clients that homeopathy works with the law of similitude, like cures like. But does that really explain mechanistically how it works? No not really.
Modern society has been breed to a very mechanistic and reductionist view of life. Every single thing needs to be explained in bits and pieces like the cogs in a watch. If that is not possible than that phenomenon is viewed as erratic, unorthodox and superstitious, so open to all kinds of attacks by the scientific world.
Any yet it is that scientific world, that fringe division of quantum physics, biology and chemistry that is bringing us back to a one big mystery in life: we are all inter-related, all inter-connected, that there is no you and me, that our mind influences, physically, so to speak, what we observe.
That out there is actually in here, in me.
That the whole of the Universe, if such a concept can be really envisioned, is like a huge nervous system, a matrix intricately linked, pulsing with life, with synchronicity.
That we are not exempt from that butterfly effect on the other side of the planet.
So if a butterfly flapping its wings can somehow have an effect on me, can I presume that a planet infinitely bigger than a butterfly, with its movement around the Earth, have an effect on me?
Is it the planet having an effect on me or does the planet represent something that I innately resonate within myself?
Why do I find it difficult to explain this to those who ask me about Astrology? Especially those who are already on the other side of the fence ready to spur at any false move.
Reading Article 6 was a at first painfully real. That is exactly what I get from that part of society who are against homeopathy and astrology just because they, ad priori, assume it does not work because it can't be reductionistic-ally explained, because science the new religion can't explain it. Interesting is the fact that usually those who are against homeopathy are also against astrology.
Astrology however has that added punch of irritating those who believe in the Catholic Church or any monotheistic religion. It seems you can't practice, read astrology and be a Catholic contemporary (at least in my part of the world).
Then as I started reading James Hillman, tears came to my soul. He has written albeit in an astoundingly articulate yet highly emotionally evocative manner what I feel astrology means to me. He starts from the same premises that has brought me to a more holistic vision of life.
I, a scientist to the bones have had my mind's eye opened when I read The Mind's I (pun intended) and The Tao of Physics as a science student and they were not part of my University reading list. I still remember the look of the librarian when I asked for a copy of The Tao of Physics.
And how synchronistic is that...The Mind's I was written in the same year I was born and The Tao of Physics a couple of years afterwards.
I was born embodying those energies that brought back the soul to science, the other half James Hillman so eloquently talks about in his speech.
I, probably, unconsciously living out my chart, the energies that constitutionally make up my wiring, have created situations to, first come in contact with homeopathy and then with astrology. For me they were huge turning points in my life, an added missing link and yet as I come out to people from my University or childhood days they all tell me the same thing: You were always interested in such things.
And yet I still can't explain such things.
I intimately know they work, I empirically tried them out, first on myself and then on willing friends and neighbours and I got my “scientific” results.
But honestly speaking, at the end of the day, does it really matter to know infinitesimally how homeopathy or astrology works?
Does science in the form of medicine really know how drugs work at that sub-cellular, sub-atomic level?
Macroscopically maybe, that a molecule binding to a series of receptors can elicit a certain response in the body but for many drugs the “real mechanism” is completely unknown, theory is used to explain the effects and many times such theory is changed several times.
Does this scientific uncertainty prevent us from using drugs? No
So why does such extreme rigour is unilaterally applied to holistic therapies under which I personally classify Astrology? Fear?
Fear of being empowered? Fear of accepting that we are all part of a bigger identity whatever and however we would like to define that identity?
So if I could simply leave behind all the judgemental baggage I still carry within myself, for me Astrology is the outer physical manifestation of what goes within us.
The planets are sort of wind compasses that macroscopically show what microscopically is happening within us. They are the visible notes of celestial music to which all of us internally tune in consciously or not, willingly or not.
Astrology helps making conscious what otherwise might be “left to chance” to uncover and life has quite a peculiar way of “helping us” reveal things. Sometimes not always in the most comfortable manner.
Astrology helps us become aware of who we are, to grow into the power of that precise geophysical moment in time we chose to be born in and with, to fully endow ourselves with the gifts we harbour inside.
Astrology tries to explain that intricate constitution of our being by showing the Zeitgeist of our natal chart and it is up to the astrologer to give such an interpretation as much as a homeopath meticulously gathers all the symptoms and peculiarity of the patient so to emerge with a remedy that is the quintessence of the patient in that point in time.
Astrology is a “scientific”discipline as much as it is a divinatory art slowly unearthing the meaning of the natal chart, a blue print copy of what we have decided to work with in this lifetime.
Becoming aware of where the wind is blowing from and how much force is likely to be expected, helps us choose deliberately which sails are better situated for the journey.
Astrology helps us grow in our individual role as conscious co-creators of our personal life and of that ever pulsating matrix we loosely call Universe.
Astrology helps us understand that we embody all of creation, each with his/her own declination, with planets situated in particular houses governed by particular signs and sagely interacting with each other through aspects.
Astrology helps us understand that as life unfolds so does our natal chart. Different energies, winds, planetary transits wisely show where our own innate energies, natal resonating planets, are being called to action.
To say the truth, Astrology fascinates me and being an apprentice to such millennial tradition makes me feel honoured and fills my life with sublime purpose.
And yet such honour comes with a lot of hesitancy, of the inadequacy that sprouts out of a finite person fully aware of one's own limitations and personal dilemmas to solve or at least serenely live with, in front of such immense wisdom.
Astrology for me is a constant and continuos means of self-discovery and self-empowerment. A tool through which navigate life as wilfully and hopefully as discerningly as possible and maybe in some kind of future be also a helpful tool through which I can responsibly be of a service to others.  

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Review Book: The Diabetes Breakthrough

I was very interested in reading this book since I have been living with my genetical diabetes for quite some time now. 
Sincerely speaking I thought there was more to this book than what I felt was stating the obvious. But I kept on reading...
And yes for me it states the obvious or at least most parts although rereading them can help refreshing parts that I might tend to forget willingly or not (such as portion weighing).
Now I do not want to sound arrogant in my knowledge (but being a health practitioner does help a bit here)  on second thoughts this book might not state the obvious for those who are new to diabetes, or pre-diabetes or whatever there is in between and akin.
And from my experience with patients even those who have being living with such maladies for quite a long time might not find it so obvious.
So what is my “verdict”:
I would suggest this book as a life-time companion to read and reread occasionally. A book to keep at a GP's waiting room or a nutritionist. It is simple to read. No medical jargon. Easy to follow. All things are taken in steps and tables come to aid.

Just one thing to add, not all diabetes or pre-diabetes are created equally. Each of us has her/his own story and need specific and individual treatment. 
So yes read and follow this book but first of all listen to your body, discuss with a doctor you trust and a nutritionist that can follow you through. And remember there are no hard and fast rules, we change in time and so our needs.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Me, the Eritrean Lady and the penknife

There was a sad child amongst other children aggressively holding a penknife. The child was threatening to kill herself or others.
It seems I formed part of a special squad and I was called to diffuse the situation and take safely away the knife from the child.
I slowly approached the child that sniggered at my coming, saying that no way I shall take away her knife.
I said calmly, I am not here to take your knife away but I am here to talk with you and teach you how to use that knife.
As we talked the child became an adolescent and all of a sudden she started sobbing heavily on my shoulder. I soothingly said, let it go, you do not need anymore that pain, let it go.
After she stopped crying and she stood back from me, I looked at her. The child had become a beautifully tall, harmoniously looking Eritrean young woman that oozed sensual power with her every single move.
I said softly, my time has come to leave.
She looked at me with those dark brown eyes whispering, how can I ever repay you?
I said: with just a small kiss.
She said, already on the defensive: ah you do not want more?
No! And with a croaking voice continued: I can never ask that of you.
She studied me for a second while I could see her body relaxing, leaning forward and softly touching my lips with intense emotion.
Tears mixed, souls connected and we parted.
She closed the penknife and put it in her pocket.

I put my hat and haversack on, waved goodbye and went in a densely packed forest knowing that she was still watching me leaving as I ventured on a lonely journey.

(This is a dream I just had in the early hours of the 28th April 2014 whilst on holiday in Couiza, Aude, France)

This is a traditional shepherd's penknife of the Aude region, made of green wild oak from the mountains in Céret area, I bought the day before from Esperaza market.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Happy 51st Birthday G (on a Taurus Moon) !

Happy Birthday my Love,

watching you today celebrating your 51st birthday is something so intimately special...
Since your 50th Birthday a year ago when your Chiron return started with all sorts of disabling hip pains and other maladies I have seen you grow, heal through suffering, through loss, through mutilation, through identity lost and passionately, avidly fought for, to be found again.
You have been an exquisite raw, vivid example of what rebirth is. That it is possibile to do so.
I love the Universe synchronicity: Your 51st birthday is happening with a Taurus Moon, that same energy of steadfastness, belief in life that has accompanied us in your...our journey through breast cancer and mastectomy.
It seems fitting isn't, that your Solar Return is being celebrated with perseverance, with sensuality, with those small, comfortable, sensual things in life that make us feel connected with Mother Earth.
So my Love, what else can I wish you on this special day?
May you be always true to yourself no matter what, at the end of the day your intuition has always been right...just give yourself time to listen to your own drum will take you on a unique pioneering inspiration to us all.
Dance to your own music G, it may seem strange at first, others might not understand but at the end of this journey you will have created a spontaneous, exuberant, fearless Youtube film for us all to insightfully ponder on!
Thank you my Love, for being in my life.

I love you.

Ricotta with panna cake kindly made and decorated by La Graniteria Messinese @Lido di Ostia
(The symbols are from a dream G had before she was diagnosed of breast cancer with a caption saying "Follow your dreams")