Friday, 20 March 2015

Book Review: Harness Astrology's Bad Boy

I have to be sincere. I took my time to read this book. As synchronicity has it I read this book in one of the most Pluto tinged (and other heavy astrology boys) period of my life till now.  Some parts of this book I read twice and each time I got something new out of it. So what to expect?
Divided into three parts:
Pluto through the Generations: that is Pluto’s very slow march through the signs which mark the differences in the generations that follow one after each other.
The Sun Signs: an enlightening explanation of each of the twelve zodiac signs with a clever weaving of the signs basic modalities, that is the element (Fire, Earth, Air and Water), quality (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable) and polarity (Yang or Yin). For each sign there is a small paragraph of that sign’s natural relationship with Pluto.
Pluto and the Houses: a very original description of the twelve astrological houses, that is the sectors in a natal chart that describe sections of our lives such as money, health, partnerships, career etc. where action takes place. This is the part I liked most. A very descriptive way of describing the houses adding insight to a sometimes hazy subject.
Written in a very friendly manner I would suggest the book to a beginner in astrology or the curious one. Although I have to say there were, now and then, hidden jewels that I treasured.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Tuning Fork

I breath in,
I breath out,
I let go,
I become.

I am a tuning fork,
posed silently amongst chaos,
imperceptibly humming,
to my Soul’s vibration.  

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Timewatch Book Review

I was fascinated by the idea of time travelling and the transportation to previous lives. The story builds up fairly quickly. Maybe it was just me but I was a bit confused throughout the book with all the family members taking part in jumping backwards, forwards and lateral in the timeline.
Most of the time the story did make sense and was enjoyable. What left me perplexed was the idea behind it all.
The scope of the Morgan family is to go backwards in time and stabilise the timeline. During their 20th century lifetime there was a huge risk, that because of a time portal, others who had not so humanitarian motives would change events in the past and so change the present.
Nothing wrong with that idea…
What I couldn’t digest well was that all this hassle was being done so the history of the USA formation was not touched, the Indians defeated and eventually USA will become the world greatest war nation that will protect the rest of the world from evil nations.
Maybe because I am European. Maybe because frankly I think USA has been meddling too much with world affairs and its war tactics. Maybe because to me it felt more like a USA propaganda “we know the best for all you in the world”, this book didn’t sit quite right with me.

Pity because the idea on the whole was fascinating.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My Self-undoing... 17 years later

Today it is an important day in my family of origin. So wherever I am my mother phones me.
Today she reminded me that 17 years ago on the 13th January 1998 she had phoned but did not find me at home. I just was being admitted in hospital to come out only 30 days afterwards, on the 14th February 1998.
Not because I was healed but because I was loosing so much weight that the doctors thought I would not make it through.
So after 17 years I had the courage to look back at the clinical data of the event that has and still is changing my life. And I found the time when I was admitted to hospital and surgery.
Now as you may know I am studying astrology so I was curious to cast a chart. The surgery started at 20:10 Rome Italy.
That makes it Capricorn Sun, Virgo Rising and Leo Moon.
The bi-wheel shows 5 planets in my 12th house (the house of hospitals, prisons and self-undoing or the house where you just simply loose your identity to the world), Saturn in my 2nd house (my body) and the Moon in my 6th house (the house of health and mind-body connections). Saturn was transiting on my Chiron in my 2nd house. The Lord of Time meeting Wounded-ness on my body.
The Capricorn Sun was on my North Node that had just been touched by transiting Venus that was making an opposition to my natal Venus conjunct South Node. In short my values where being called on duty...were am I really living my life?
I wasn't aware at that time that I was putting everything in my unconscious. I did not want to see and feel. It was only a year and a half that I had left my natal land. My life had changed drastically, more than I had expected and accepted.
Reliving that period, the moment I decided that I could not take it anymore and needed medical help. The moment I went in hospital, the what seemed the long waiting alone in a corridor shivering in pain and with cold. The waking up with more scars than I was expecting. The long complicated recovery which seemed never to arrive with brutal therapeutic methods. A diagnosis that left me helpless. The watching people dying alone and without family. The loosing the want to eat and live....
17 years afterwards I am still licking the wounds. I am still slowly healing.
Yes that surgery was really my self-undoing giving me more scars physically, emotionally and spiritually than I am comfortable with even to this very day.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Book Review: Myth and Magic Queer Fairy Tales

I found the title very inviting and the cover somehow adds to it's intriguing mischievousness. I love fairy tales and myths. However as a lesbian I am very aware that we have no queer fairy tales or myths of our own. So you can imagine how happy I was when I received a reviewer’s copy.
16 short stories of famous fairy tales retold, twisted, shuffled and taken to alternate universes. Evil becomes seductively fair, telling a story of its own. The Good has also a story of its own to disclose, but it is not the candidness you might expect.
I found each story very carefully written, loaded not only with pleasing erotica (at least for me) but also with well placed, mind entertaining, humour, sarcasm and double sense.
I started reading the book just before I left for the family holidays, so my reading was little and far in between but when I could, I sneaked my kindle out and happily shifted universe.

Just one recommendation: Read at your own risk ;)